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In the Nag Hammadi Library, Gnostic Codeces, there are numerous 'written by man' not Yeshua 'uncanonized' scripture: The Gospel of Mary, The Gospel of Judas, The Gospel of Thomas, The Secret Aprocrypha of John, and many more. They are openly published for the public, some translators have compiled books which are available for sale. Parcels of the scriptures are lost because of decay so there are missing links. I love that the NH Library gives all possible English translations of the word used by the author leaving the reader to decipher 'meaning'.

In the Secret Apocrypha of John for example, my interpretation is that there is an angry jealous God in the old testament that kills and destroys his people. He is not the father of Yeshua.

The Father of Yeshua is the divine all, who is without beginning or end, being neither male nor female. Out of the father, came Wisdom - Sophia, the Holy Spirit (breath). The Holy Spirit is neither male nor female but is referenced more feminine in the codeces - interestingly - writings evidence that Mary is Sophia incarnate. Sophia brought forth from self (without the knowledge of divine All) a creation - head of a lion, serpent body, wings.

Realizing her sin (is this the great sin?) she hid it behind clouds. This 'Yalbaoth' (sp) is an angry and jealous God who creates man (Adam) in the image of 'the Father - Divine All' But all the angels he has cannot bring life into Adam. Sophia takes pity because Adam is the image of the divine,she confesses her sin and asks for permission to breathe life into Adam. She does. Adam comes to life. Angry old jealous God gets upset that Adam received something he didn't - the spark from the divine all - soul. And he separates the female and the male in Adam creating Eve. Eve listens to the Angry Jealous God's angels who say, "Why does this God say there is not other God before him, unless there was." And she is cast out of the Garden.

In canonized scriptures, Yeshua says, "You do not know my Father. If you knew my Father, you would know me." Revelations talks about how a winged lion rises up from the ocean and its wings are ripped off."

It's an interesting Dichotomy that you never hear about in traditional "Christian" circles or churches.

I suppose the angry Old Testament god would be diagnosed bipolar by today's psychologists. Its good to know that the 'spark' goes back to its beginning.

Research Nag Hammadi on your own for more info.

Much research I have perused about Near Death Experiences reflect on the
fact that few if any report seeing Yeshua in the after life. Or Buddha et al. I disagree, every one - every single one - sees the light whether they see the tunnel or not.

Yeshua, the Messiah, Savior, - eternal sun - the light of the world?  

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